A Lightweight Desktop Scanner for HDF5 Data

About H5s



H5s provides an efficient display of the hierarchical structure and shape of HDF5 data. H5s is designed specifically for the HDF5 data model. It shows you instantly the organization of your HDF datastores and the layout of your HDF5 data objects.

See Your HDF5 Data Graph


The scanner contains full-custom graphical elements that allow concise representation of the crucial metadata unique to HDF data objects and data types, and it offers graphical microcontrollers for efficient navigation through the data hierarchy. As a native desktop application, the scanner is light and fast with a compact execution footprint.

  • Exclusive. Graph display technology specifically designed for rendering the HDF5 directed graph hierarchy.
  • Concise. Succinct display of HDF5 metadata for datatypes, datasets, dataspaces, and storage layouts.
  • Precise. "Non-lossy" navigation and positioning over the depth and breadth of your HDF5 hierarchy.
  • Jack-rabbit fast. Native code down to bare metal BitBlts.
  • Compact. Small execution footprint.
  • Light. Proper fit on your desktop. Pixels: waste not, want not.

Get started!

Go over to the handbook to see the glyphs used in rendering the HDF5 named data objects, and check out the screenplay for the microcontrollers used to scroll and manipulate the graphs. And by all means, get signed up. and download the evergreen H5s here.


H5s is currently available through a free subscription channel for interested users. However, it is not yet released into the wild, so please use the sign up form to get in touch first. Your email is private to Innumerus and is not shared.

HDF5 is a registered trademark of The HDF Group, Inc.
H5s is a native-code, install-once, evergreen application for Windows 10
Scanning an HDF5 Datastore